As you enter college, you begin a new exciting journey. These next years will define who you really are. You will encounter things you would never have imagined; things you might not be prepared for. You will no longer be held by the confines of parents, or be thought of as a child. You will taste true freedom, but freedom comes with many different things. Some of these things are going to shake your faith and test your beliefs, and even if you think you can handle it, the truth is probably can’t.

When we began our college years, the things we encountered destroyed the foundation of everything we grew up believing. Our eyes were opened to a world filled with so many holes, and the worst thing about it was that we had nothing to keep us from falling. That was why Grace Fellowship Church has created SHIFT Young Adult Ministry. Through relationships with other college students and studies focused on subjects like relationships, faith, world religions, personal identity, the Bible and more, we will help you prepare for young adult life.

We want to help you get going in your journey. Most Colleges and Universities have Christian organizations for students. We can help you find these organizations in your school. Even if you go off to another state, we will help you get connected with other Christians in your school and even help you find a church wherever you are. So we invite you to join us. We meet every other Thursday.