Here at Grace Fellowship, we want to bring unity to the homes of all men and break those religious barriers that may have bound & separated men from their families for so many generations.

We’d like to intentionally help form and maintain healthy relationships within the church and learn to better reconcile, make peace, ask for and offer forgiveness, and bring healing to all our other relationships with friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors.

Our goal is to gather all Men under one umbrella as Men of God, equip them with the desire to know Christ and to know one another, to love each other as brothers in Christ; Stand strong with their pastor, leaders and our Church; mend the broken relationships of men due to misunderstanding, pride, ego, “my kingdom” mentality and self righteousness.

It is God’s vision and heart to see that all men stand up and take their God given place as the priest of their homes, watchman to their families and churches, willing servants, loving and honest husbands, responsible fathers and to be men of integrity.

We encourage you to join us in our monthly gatherings