We believe that the greatest benefit a person will receive by attending a small group is the close relationships that will develop. You’ll discover that your needs, problems and conflicts are not unique. In a small group, you can ask questions, participate in a discussion of the test or subject, and hear other insights and illustrations of truth.


While the nation gets constantly overwhelmed by images and messages that distort God’s truth and shift people further from Him, our desire is to see media used to draw people closer to the one who saves – Jesus Christ. Grace Medias purpose is to explore our gifts to advance the mission of the church and the message of the Gospel.


As you enter college, you begin a new exciting journey. These next years will define who you really are. You will encounter things you would never have imagined; things you might not be prepared for. That was why GFC began their Young Adults Ministry.


Worship is a way of life for the believer. The worship ministry at GFC seeks to model and encourage each other and our congregation in that way of life through song. We love to use the musical gifts God has given us to lift the name of Jesus high in gratitude and surrender, glorifying our Father through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.


It is God’s vision and heart to see that all men stand up and take their God given place as the priest of their homes, watchman to their families and churches, willing servants, loving and honest husbands, responsible fathers and to be men of integrity.


Women have special gifts from God, talents that He has blessed them with. WOG is committed to help women discover their gifts, and how to match those gifts to needs in the church and even in the community, empowering them to serve others with their talents.


In response to the social and spiritual needs of the youth within our church and community we are providing programs, activities, and events that which allow the youth to build a strong foundation of faith.


At Grace Fellowship, we believe that God’s kingdom starts with children. Our goal is to set them on the path to a lifelong relationship with our savior, Jesus Christ. To that aim, children are taught biblical values and principles.